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Dental insurance. How to get dental insurance and where to get your dental insurance quote (and where to get an online dental insurance quote)

Dental insurance guide

Dental Insurance

Why do I need dental insurance?

It is getting increasilngly difficult to register with an NHS dentist. Some patients, who have been with the same dental practise for years, are being told that the practise is going private. People who are moving to a new area are finding it impossible to register with an NHS dentist in some areas. So if you choose a private dentist, or are forced to register with a private dentist you may have to make the decision whether to pay for treatment as and when it is required, or to take out a dentail insurance policy to cover dental treatment that is required.

I don't want dental insurance, I want an NHS dentist!

The problem is, you may not be able to find an NHS dental practise that will take on new patients.
The Government have said that they plan to create new NHS dentist jobs, open new dental access centres in areas where people have experienced difficulty signing up at an NHS dentist and offering 3 year contracts to dentists taking on new NHS patients.
Unless working as an NHS dentist is made more attractive, more and more dentists will opt to move to the more lucrative private dental sector.

What does dental insurance cover?

This depends on the exact terms and conditions of your particular policy. Many policies will not cover routine work such as a check up or a scale and polish. Some dental insurance policies will not cover on going issues that were present prior to commencing the insurance policy. Check the small print carefully to find out exactly what the policy covers.

What types of dental insurance are available?

In common with other insurance products, there are a number of different types of policy.
Some will pay a maximum amount per year to cover treatment.
You may also be able to get a health insurance policy that covers dental treatment.

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